Ram Workshop

We work in the Arts and Crafts tradition, but with our own contemporary approach, and using traditional skills and craftsmanship, along with the latest technology. Most of our work is designed and made to order, so you can have exactly what you want, but of course there is a waiting time, usually 8 - 12 weeks, longer for complex items. She works in acrylic paints, and all the woodwork is then varnished with a matt waterproof acrylic varnish, which is very tough.

The trays, for example, are meant to be used, and we have tested them well. She produces trays, writing and jewellery boxes, trinket boxes, frames, mirrors., painted panels for doors etc. Our unique "Housebox" a wooden model of your own home, in the form of a box, painted in every detail. Mary also produces greetings cards, which we print from our own artwork: painted woodwork, paintings, carvings etc.