Nicholas Clarke Design Furniture

Creating stuff is the very foundation of our being whether its putting paint on a canvas or laboring in the kitchen, working with words, mechanics or finances - we love creating. Some times the finding of our creative gifts and abilities creeps up on us in unexpected ways that we did not plan or foresee. Where we suddenly find ourselves doing things that we not only enjoy but also turn out to be quite competent at. In such a way it was for me, studying for a degree in landscaping architecture I became ill and had to leave my studies. Whilst convalescing I was given the opportunity to help in a furniture business in an old mill in Micklethaite, Ilkley Moore.

Having caught a vision for this kind of work I moved to York and worked in a couple of businesses before setting up my own. I love working with people, designing with them and finding creative solutions, which are sympathetic to their character and environment.