Hampshire Joinery

Joinery is the art of cutting out, dressing, uniting and framing wood for the external and internal finishing's of buildings. It has been broadly distinguished from carpentry by this, that while the work of the carpenter cannot be removed without affecting the stability of a structure, the work of a joiner may. The labours of a carpenter give strength to a building; those of a joiner render it fit for habitation. In joinery the parts are nicely adjusted, and the surfaces exhibited to the eye are carefully smoothed.

The goodness of the work of the joiner depends first on the perfect seasoning of the materials, and second, on the care of the operator. All surfaces must be perfectly out of winding and smooth. The stuff must be square, the mouldings true and regular, and all must be so fixed as to bring out the beauty of the wood. A good piece of furniture or a successful project is the result of a discussion between me the craftsman-designer and you the client.