Coco Målé Interiors

Named after our founder's little Yorkshire terrier (Coco) and the idyllic capital of the Maldives (Malé), Coco Målé is a London- based online boutique offering unique, beautiful and often eclectic furniture and home accessories from around the globe. Pronounced coco maaleh and meaning palace in Sanskrit, our little shop aims to fill Britain's homes with inspiring and individual objects that will last for years to come.

Our collections are sourced from places afar such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Swaziland, Morocco and every single item is handpicked by owner Katie for its gorgeousness, quality and individuality. Our aim is to bridge the gap in interior design between countries, to create a fusion of styles that reflects today's globalised society and is testament to our travels. We refuse to be pigeon holed - whether ethnic, country or minimalistic, we welcome all styles and our products look equally beautiful in a city flat, a rural cottage or a Mykonian villa!