Cats Paw Furniture

Furniture and cabinet making has been my passion since I started woodworking at the age of 11 and for the next 20 years was my hobby until, in 2004 I left my job as a railway worker to attend the City and Guilds handcrafted furniture course at Kendal College of the South Lakes. Having attained distinctions at levels 2 and 3, I was awarded a coveted City and Guilds Medal of Excellence.

I worked at Kendal College as a wood technician and in-class assistant with the furniture department and finally taught the furniture course until early 2010 when I left to concentrate on Cat's Paw Furniture which I which I had founded in January 2007. The name was chosen for 2 reasons - first it is a type of Oak (one of my favourite timbers), and second because my wife and I are cat lovers (the logo is a cartoon of our black cat Sooty!).