BKR Furniture

White beds are a relatively new phenomenon, with an ever increasing demand for both wooden and white leather beds. It's apparent why, as all variety of wooden and white leather bed's look both stylish and compliment any interior. Also, most notably, are the amount of new, improved and revamped white beds available on the market, demonstrating the clear demand for such a product. Faux leather beds, today, are more stylish, aesthetically pleasing and make it almost impossible for anyone to identify that it is not true leather.

As a result, there is a higher demand for faux leather beds, and sales within the past two years have increased dramatically. Wooden beds compliment almost any type of bedroom, and as these are one of our highest sellers. Wooden beds are built from solid sturdy material and can provide add a stylish focal point to any room. Pine beds are a great product for adding a focal point to any room, due to its attractive and stylish looks.