Asplanned Business Furniture

The success of your business means everything to us, which is why we help companies like yours to run more efficiently, maximise their office space, and ultimately turn a healthier profit. Whatever your office design, relocation or furniture needs, asplanned is here to help. To the economic challenges in the news we say one simple thing: we can help your business adapt and thrive. Whether you're looking to use your existing workspace better, move to a smaller, more cost-effective location, or even invest through the downturn to come out of it comfortably ahead of your competitors, speak to us to find out what you need to be doing.

We can redesign your current space, handle every aspect of an office relocation, and supply customised, contemporary office furniture to modernise your current offices, meeting rooms and boardroom. Working from our Dundee and Aberdeen bases, we have experience all across the world - from Scotland's oil and gas capital to supplying call centres to South Africa.