Abacus Tables

Abacus is everything that my brother Richard and I have learned about making tables that people love;

It’s our refined build process that means we can custom build a premium quality table just the way you want it, on demand. It’s our engineered designs, that allow us to combine the best natural and man-made materials to ensure every table maintains it’s original strength and beauty, well…. forever. And it’s everything we’ve learned about giving customers the most enjoyable experience of getting the exact table they want.

In the early days of making our tables, we began to realise that our major weakness competing against the giants of the the furniture world – the tiny size of our workshop – actually gave us a strong advantage that our customers could benefit from – custom building their tables the exact way they wanted.

As we added more table designs and learned how to communicate the different styles, sizes and options a customer had to tailor their perfect table, the number of orders began to increase and in the space of a couple of years we were able to leave behind the small retailers we were working with and instead begin to serve our customers directly.