Fabian Maddison Fine Furniture

Fabian draws inspiration for his work from the many places he grew up in, starting in Wales, then moving to Abingdon and London. Fabian started Schooling in the south of Germany, near the Swiss and French borders in the rural country side. Once he returned to London he continued to study at a German School and finished his schooling by going to Sixth Form at a London College. Fabians woodworking skills were developed by studying under David Savage, a renowned cabinet maker, for a year and now works out of a workshop in the Purbecks.

His work is characterised by clean, modern lines, which are designed to be elegant and stylish, yet be practical for use on a regular or daily basis and was once praised by David Savage as being a creative and very individual designer. From starting with a design to preparing a piece and applying a finish is a delicate procedure.